Adieu Alocoholism

It all began with fun. Drinking for fun or fun drinking was the concept when I first sipped my first peg of McDowell’s No 1 rum. At most two pegs and I was high. And I spoke the most fluent English ever. Shared opinions on various issues- from political to social and believe me, it … More Adieu Alocoholism

Ego Vs E, Go!

In any inter-personal relationship or argument, a truth has three parts. The first part of the truth is the truth that I think and believe to be true. The second part of the truth is the truth which the other person believes to be true. The third part of the truth, well is that part in which … More Ego Vs E, Go!

The Leftover

I was alone that day, sitting on the footpath, puffing my last cigarette from the packet I had bought especially for her.  I had already exhausted my own stock. I waited and waited…but she did not show up. I have known her for the past 5 years and in all these years she never missed … More The Leftover