Porn ban and a few extra yards

It is really bemusing to see that a country ban porn when most of its ‘god-men’ are accused of rape and molestation and the spiritual gurus are charged with corruption charges of various sorts. It is even funnier to see that in a country where a local community court (Khap panchayat) bothers least about a woman’s sanity and takes no time in pronouncing a verdict of rape against her for some crime that she has not committed, a section of the ‘educated’ class feels that porn will destroy its integrity. … More Porn ban and a few extra yards


Breaking the myth of male prostitution

Eight years so far and I have seen a lot, learned a lot. The women who ask for my services generally belong to the elite class of the society- elite not monetarily but also academically. A number of professors, doctors and women from the ‘Page 3’ society are in my client list. Some just talk, some are happy with foreplay. I even met a lady once who got emotionally very much attached to me and I had to put in a lot of efforts to get her away. … More Breaking the myth of male prostitution