I am never wrong!

This is a personal account of several things that I have witnessed over the years. This piece is all about personal likings and personal reflections.

We, as individuals, love to make statements and it is a fact that whatever we think or whatever we say are often the ‘truth’ and the ‘right.’ Counters are seldom accepted. We all have an opinion on everything.

As we grow up, we are fed with several statements as who are correct. ‘Father is never wrong,’ ‘Your parents are always right,’ ‘Teachers know the right for you,’ ‘The boss is always correct,’ ‘Customers are always right,’ and several more statements like these have been floating around since the day we began breathing.

‘How dare you speak such things against him? He can never be wrong,’ this is the most common statement that we hear whenever we raise a question against a ‘credible’ person who is thought to be ‘perfect’ and ‘wise.’ He, in fact, reaches such a level from where everything else seems as small as an ant. But, it is generally forgotten that even an ant reaches to ‘6 feet’ when measured in its scale.


After the invention of several social networking sites, our lives have become cosmetic and from what we have taken as breakfast to which brand of condom we are going to use at night are ‘daringly’ put up as status updates.  Likes and comments flow in. While someone ‘tends’ to keep a neutral opinion, a selective few, on the other hand, speaks out their own mind and the update gets converted into a battlefield. The battle continues until and unless one party quits it. This, however, instills a sense of pride and victory in the mind of the other party who decided to hang on to the ‘battleground.’ After all, a win in a social networking site is a big thing, and in fact, to a great extent, it is an issue of extreme pride.

Even in our non-cosmetic lives, we know several persons who always want to have the last say and the upper hand. ‘See, I am telling you this,’ ‘I know the truth,’ ‘Listen to me, I am saying it,’ ‘You do this thing that way, you will succeed. I am telling you’, and ‘See, I told you. You should have listened to me’ are some of the very common personal statements that ‘we’ all have said and heard at some point in time. When someone tells us something, we silently tend to think that the person is speaking shit and he cannot know more or better than me. And when we say the same to someone and the other person doesn’t pay attention, we generally curse the person in our mind for not listening to us and ‘we know the best for him/her’. We tend to forget that the feelings that we are having (for the person in front) are also the feelings which the opposite person is having for us. This situation is like the quest to catch the line of the horizon. It is never ending…

We all are correct in our own way, but at times a second or a third person may also not be entirely wrong. We should at least respect to the opposite person’s views. Agreeing or disagreeing comes much later. We should analyse. We should rethink. It is not a harm to wear someone else’s sandals and walk a mile. Our mind and are our facial expressions are intertwined. We should remember, what we think are reflected on our face.

We have our own opinion about everything. We not only know what is right, but we also know what is a crime and what is the reason behind something. We, on most occasions, tend to find fault in everything and tend to remain unhappy and gloomy. For us, since the world is not behaving the way we want it to behave, everything is wrong. Celebrations and festivals are also not left out. For us, ours is the best- our religion, our society, our language and our everything is best. And this our is each and every one of us- irrespective of anything else.

At the beginning of this write-up, I said that this is entirely personal. It is not necessary that those who have read this should agree to it completely. You may disagree, and your counters are welcomed open-heartedly as I will embrace those sweet words of appreciation- if someone appreciates it at all.

I am a human too, and I love appreciation too, and appreciations boost confidence. And confidence is something I lack in. So, thanks and welcome in advance!



2 thoughts on “I am never wrong!

  1. Dilemma of being human ! Or call it as structured entropy. Every word of your’s counts for the civilized. I request you to suggest me a better word for the term civilized.

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