A tweet changed a Sunday evening

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METROPOLIS ASIA indeed is a crap of an event and the Kamrup Metro District Administration, under the directives received from the Assam Tourism Minister indeed did a great job to halt the fifth edition of the event midway on the third and the final day of the event. I mean why the Nehru Park, a children park, should be allowed to host such an event which is so very low in essence? So what if it provides a platform to many under 18s to showcase their talents in art, music, literature, photography, quiz and several other competitions like these. So what, if in India as per law under 18s are still considered as adolescents- children technically! They should not be allowed to use the park to express themselves when in Northeast platforms like these are rare and few.

It was indeed a master’s stroke to halt the festival midway and I am sure the honourable minister was forcefully blindfolded since 2013- the year when the festival began at Shradhanjali Kanon- another popular park of Guwahati (unsure if it is a children’s park or general park). His eyes opened only this year and if it had opened a couple of years’ back, I am sure the festival would have died then itself. But as they say, it is better late than never!

It was indeed a significant step on the part of the minister to stop the celebrations when we had Bhutan as a participating nation and the handicrafts displayed were liked and adored by one and all- especially those who were below 10. So what if the toddlers loved the various caricatures that were installed around the park especially for these three days of the festival. So what their imagination and creativity wandered in awe to see such great artworks. This is extremely harmful to our Assamese children, isn’t it? ‘We Assamese are not poor’- so says a poem!

The Kamrup Metro District Administration, I am sure, is full of nerds and idiots as they certainly did not know what the festival was all about when they gave permission, and the eyes were opened by two well educated and highly acclaimed journalists. The authorities, I am sure, did not read the proposal papers from the organisers before they gave permission. It was an obscene festival, the authorities failed to recognise even after four years and the learned journalist friends came to know about it just within an hour or maybe even less. Rohit man, you sure do have competition here. Hope in Krish4 you take some guide from such learned and intelligent scholars!

It was indeed a brilliant initiative on the part of a local news channel and a local newspaper to term the festival as ‘obscene’ as it was indeed obscene for it had some brilliant musical performances by some excellent local talents. It was also obscene for it had a discussion on corporal punishments in schools. How dare people from NGOs working on child issues and also by those representing the state commission for protection of child rights attend to such a discussion in such an obscene festival. Such discussions are really obscene, and I condemn the organisers for holding such an issue- a burning child issue- at a children park. Lousy debates on trivial issues aired on our local news channels are obviously prudent than these discussions and sessions.

The organisers climbed the ladder of obscenity for they dared to screen some gem of Assamese movies along with their Bhutanese counterparts and all these movies had so many vulgar scenes in them. These affected the numerous child audiences who were ‘enjoying’ the films with eyes wide open. So what if some kids later made it a point to watch old and new Assamese movies in the future. Such degradation of Assamese children can never be tolerated. Thanks a ton my dear journalist friends. I am proud of you, and as a fellow journalist I am envious of you people deserve the Pulitzer for such reporting.

The festival was indeed obscene in another way. Ask me how? Hey, did I not tell you that the Bhutanese delegates performed their local music and dances and enthralled the audience- including numerous who were below 18 years of age. I mean how dare we appreciate some other tradition after having such a rich Assamese culture? This is obscene, definitely obscene. When the channels have turned Bhogali Bihu into Rongali Bihu, such type of obscenity and degradation of culture and moral values cannot be tolerated, and it has indeed vitiated the atmosphere of the park.

The atmosphere was also vitiated for it had some stalwarts from the field of Assamese literature and journalism interacting with the ignited minds for hours. I mean how dare does they just come in and speak whatever they wanted to when we have our own panel of litterateurs fighting over the state’s highest literary body and our very own local breed of distinguished journalists who are busy in discussing the dress codes of girls. These interactive sessions at the METROPOLIS ASIA arena have been a total nuisance, and such kind of nuisance can never be tolerated for sure. I am in support of this ban!

I am sure from now on the park will completely be a children park and no couple will be allowed to sit and talk and pass some free hours. I am sure no family outings will be allowed. I am convinced no mother/father will be allowed to gossip inside the park while their children played on the poorly maintained swings and slides. I am confident no phuskawala or a bhelpuriwala will be allowed to run his business outside the park as such food items are harmful to children. Children should not be allowed to eat such craps when we have our local delicacies.

I am sure the park will not be allowed to hold any food fest, any dance fest or any such festival which are not meant for the children. I am sure my learned and scholarly journalist friends will take a stand as strong as they took on January 8, 2017, if any other fest is allowed at the Nehru Park. So what they relished momos for free during the momo fest held at the same park some couple of months back.

So finally, curtains have been drawn, and I am pretty sure METROPOLIS ASIA will not be here next year to create any obscenity and provide a platform to any promising talent from the region to showcase their talents. I am sure such an obscene festival, which promotes only positivity and encouragements will not be here next time to promote any such obscenity. But…like a collective few, I will miss this obscene festival. Finally, I understood the power of Twitter. After all, it was a tweet that changed a Sunday evening.

The tweet of the day (Courtesy: Twitter)

FOOTNOTE: I am not associated with the festival or with the administration or with the government in any way whatsoever.


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