Northeast India Needs A Separate Time Zone?

Advantage of having multiple time zones not only allows the populace to work in a more productive way, but these have also helped the countries to focus more on using their available natural resources in a much better way. There has been less wastage and more usage- they say … More Northeast India Needs A Separate Time Zone?


Freedom inside a cage

As per 2015 annual World Press Freedom Index (WPFI) produced by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), India was ranked 136 out of 180 nations worldwide in terms of press freedom. This marks an improvement from its rank of 140 in 2014, even though its absolute score declined from 40.34 to 40.49. The report further revealed that India’s ‘abuse score’, which reflects the intensity of violent harassment faced by journalists was 59.58, which is higher than Sri Lanka’s score of 40.6 but below Pakistan’s score of 64.91 and China’s score of 89.64 … More Freedom inside a cage

Porn ban and a few extra yards

It is really bemusing to see that a country ban porn when most of its ‘god-men’ are accused of rape and molestation and the spiritual gurus are charged with corruption charges of various sorts. It is even funnier to see that in a country where a local community court (Khap panchayat) bothers least about a woman’s sanity and takes no time in pronouncing a verdict of rape against her for some crime that she has not committed, a section of the ‘educated’ class feels that porn will destroy its integrity. … More Porn ban and a few extra yards