Uniform Civil Code: To have or to not have?

On December 5, 2015, the Supreme Court of India in a verdict declined to direct the Parliament to form Uniform Civil Code stating that the issue is outside its realm. This, in fact, has come as a setback to the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre as the party’s one of the important promises during the 2014 election campaign was the formation and implementation of UCC … More Uniform Civil Code: To have or to not have?

Breaking the myth of male prostitution

Eight years so far and I have seen a lot, learned a lot. The women who ask for my services generally belong to the elite class of the society- elite not monetarily but also academically. A number of professors, doctors and women from the ‘Page 3’ society are in my client list. Some just talk, some are happy with foreplay. I even met a lady once who got emotionally very much attached to me and I had to put in a lot of efforts to get her away. … More Breaking the myth of male prostitution

Ain’t I a racist too?

 (Racism, like charity, begins at home and racists are the surrogate children of society) Chapter 1-99 Few days back, towards the last week of January, ‘Racial attack on an Arunachalee student in Delhi’ was the headlines in the entire media world, especially those from the North East Region (NER). A 19-year old student from Arunachal … More Ain’t I a racist too?