Magh Bihu: Effigy burning festival?

If effigies are meant to be burnt to protest against something or someone wrong, then against whom are we protesting by burning these ‘creative’ effigies? Are we protesting against Magh Bihu celebrations? … More Magh Bihu: Effigy burning festival?


Uniform Civil Code: To have or to not have?

On December 5, 2015, the Supreme Court of India in a verdict declined to direct the Parliament to form Uniform Civil Code stating that the issue is outside its realm. This, in fact, has come as a setback to the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre as the party’s one of the important promises during the 2014 election campaign was the formation and implementation of UCC … More Uniform Civil Code: To have or to not have?

Freedom inside a cage

As per 2015 annual World Press Freedom Index (WPFI) produced by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), India was ranked 136 out of 180 nations worldwide in terms of press freedom. This marks an improvement from its rank of 140 in 2014, even though its absolute score declined from 40.34 to 40.49. The report further revealed that India’s ‘abuse score’, which reflects the intensity of violent harassment faced by journalists was 59.58, which is higher than Sri Lanka’s score of 40.6 but below Pakistan’s score of 64.91 and China’s score of 89.64 … More Freedom inside a cage